Writer’s Workshop


Teachers connect previous learning to today’s learning: “Yesterday, we learned how to… and today, we’re going to continue our thinking by focusing on…”

Teaching Point/Model

Teachers present the single teaching point you will introduce in your lesson. State the teaching point directly. This is direct instruction. Model/Show the class exactly what you want them to be able to do: “I want you to… watch while I…”

Active Engagement

Students practice what you just taught them. Practice can be doing the skill, turn and talk, finding an example, stating what they noticed, or working together on the teacher’s model/shared text.


Teachers repeat the teaching point and tell them that is what they will do: “Today I taught you how to… and now you are going to… on your own.” Be specific!

Independent Practice

Students practice the skill taught and practiced in their own writing. Teachers conference with students.


Teachers bring the students back together to share with their partners or with the whole group what they have created. End by restating the target and how it will connect to future lessons.